Lebanon Educational Foundation
  Hattie B. Stokes Elementary
  1005 Hendricks Dr.
  Lebanon, IN. 46052


The corporation was first established on April 18, 1990 as the Willet H. Parr Jr. Foundation, Inc. as a memorial to the late partner of the Parr Richey Obremskey & Morton of Lebanon. The name was revised on September 17, 1990 to the Lebanon Educational Foundation, Inc.


The LEF is a non-profit, IRS exempt organization under 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations made to LEF are tax deductible.


Lebanon Educational Foundation supports the Lebanon Community School Corporation by partnering with donors to invest in our community's educational future. (Revised March 2007)

What does our mission support?:

LEF awards scholarships to LHS Senior students that are planning to attend an institution of higher education after graduating from the LHS.

LEF awards classroom grants to teachers for programs and expenditures that cannot be funded by the school's regular budget. Programs must be educational, innovative and creative.

LEF provides funding for various LCSC programs, departments, projects, etc.

Board of Directors:

The business and affairs of the corporation are managed by a board of up to twenty (20) members who each serve for a term of three years. Most members are elected by a majority vote of the members of the corporation present at the annual meeting. A board member may succeed himself/herself two (2) times in succession unless otherwise waived by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board.

Current Board of Directors listed with Board Position:

Melanie Beltran - Secretary

Kandi Caldwell - Director

Dr. Robert Taylor - Vice President

Lori French - Director

Bob DeLaRosa - Director

Jenny Merritt - Director

Dr. Jon Milleman - Director

Katie Moore - Director

Michele Orr - Director

Michael Reynolds - Director

Pam Reese - Director

Anne Patterson - Director            

Krisha Sutphin - Treasurer                    

Shelly Ladd - Director         

Jocelyn Taylor - Director       

Jeri Veach - Director 

Derek Warren - President

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee consists of the Officers of the Corporation; i.e., President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer/Finance Chair, and the Superintendent of the LCSC or their designee, a representative of the Parr Richey Obremskey & Morton law firm, and up to four persons to be selected by the Board of Directors.


Annual Business Meeting: Held in April of each fiscal year for the election of directors and the transaction of such other business matters that need to take place on an annual basis.

Board Meetings: Held approximately six times during the fiscal year.

Executive Committee Meeting: Held approximately six times during the fiscal year.

Current LEF Giving Opportunities:�

Educational Mini-Grants (up to $2,500 each)
LCSC staff may submit grant applications on or before March 1 or October 1 of each calendar year for funding to implement a specific learning opportunity for educators or students above and beyond that which cannot be covered by the regular budget.

LHS Senior Class Scholarships (up to $8,000 each)
LHS Seniors may submit scholarship applications during their senior year in high school to the LHS Guidance Department for consideration in receiving funds to attend an institute of higher education.

Dwight B. Cragun Award for Distinguished Teaching ($2,500)
Selected by the LCSC Superintendent and awarded annually to an outstanding LCSC educator. The monetary gift can be used for anything educationally based that will help the teacher in their classroom or in their personal development of education.

Discretionary Funding ($50 to $1,200)
LCSC staff may apply for funding for unforeseen educational opportunities that are only available on a timely basis.

Other funding
The foundation may award gifts to the corporation that are made possible by a donor(s) for special educational programs and/or projects, capital projects or any other LCSC initiatives and goals that are identified by the administration and school board to enhance the overall educational growth of the corporation.