Lebanon Educational Foundation
  Hattie B. Stokes Elementary
  1005 Hendricks Dr.
  Lebanon, IN. 46052

Methods Of Giving

There are many ways to make charitable contributions to benefit the Lebanon Educational Foundation. Cash giving is one, but there are other options that you might find even more attractive.

Gifts of Cash - Make checks payable to the Lebanon Educational Foundation and mail to the foundation at: P.O. Box 47, Lebanon, IN 46052. Lebanon Educational Foundation Gift Form

Gifts of Securities - Contact the foundation office for specific instructions on mailing or delivering gifts of stocks.

Gifts of Real Estate - These gifts are approved through the Lebanon Educational Foundation. Contact the foundation for the special requirements for gifts of real estate.

Gifts-in-Kind - Gifts of material or equipment require special handling. Contact the foundation before you make a final decision.

Deferred Gifts - Deferred gifts include:

  1. Bequests through a will or trust For specific language, please contact the Lebanon Educational Foundation office, either personally or through your attorney or financial advisor.
  2. Gifts of Life Insurance
  3. Life-Income Arrangements
    1. Charitable Remainder Trust. Each year you receive a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the annually redetermined value of the trust.
    2. Charitable Gift Annuity. Each year you receive a fixed dollar amount. Part of your income is tax-free.
  4. Retained Life Estate in a Residence or Farm You may deed to the foundation a personal residence or farm and retain the full rights to live on the property for your life.
  5. Retirement Plan Contributions (i.e. IRA, 401k, etc.) Gifts of retirement plan assets may offer significant tax savings. It is also possible to create a life income arrangement with the assets. Careful planning with your own advisor is essential.

If you are interested in determining your most effective charitable donation, the Foundation is prepared to help. We have arranged for professionals to meet with interested donors (at no cost) to provide a full overview of the giving options listed on this page. If interested, these professionals will also work with you and your professional advisors to plan and implement a charitable gift.

The information on this document is not intended to provide any legal, tax or financial advice. Please check with your attorney, financial planner, accountant or other professional before making a final decision on deferred gifts.